5mW Laser Module Cross

5mW Laser Module Cross - Image 1
5mW Laser Module Cross - Image 2
5mW Laser Module Cross - Image 3
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5mW Laser Module
5mW Laser Module Dot
5mW Laser Module Line
5mW Laser Module Cross

This laser module on the performance of the 5mW is suitable for the construction of Your projectors or other laser applications what You just invade. The optics of the laser disperses the beam into the cross. This can be the laser applied for aiming point, or in similar applications where it is necessary to simply render the lattice. Very good design quality. During the treatment, avoid any intervention of the beam by a human, or animal of the eye. 

Available Laser module types :

5mW Dot Laser Module
5mW Line Laser Module 
5mW Cross Laser Module


Input Voltage
2.3V ~ 5V
Operating Voltage
3 V
Temperature Range
-15°C ~ 25°C (Max 35°C)

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